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Episode 4
Author Dr. Noah Charney and Video Artist Andrew Huang

  • 1 min read

Episode Description

1:14 - Author Dr. Noah Charney discusses his new book “The Devil in the Gallery: How Scandal, Shock, and Rivalry Shaped the Art World” which examines the counterintuitive nature of the art world. The things that would surely ruin a person’s career in any other field appear to actually enable success in the world of art.

24:11 - Video artist Andrew Huang talks about his growing body of work in visual art, music videos and feature films. Huang, whose work has been exhibited at institutions like MoMA, has gained notoriety for his visually captivating music videos for artists like Bjork and FKA Twigs. We discuss his background, his process and the progress he is making towards the release of his first feature film.

48:03 - The week’s top art headlines