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Degas Portraits


“In painting you must give the idea of the true by means of the false.”
Edgar Degas

Be enchanted by the soul-stirring beauty of Edgar Degas’s world. These 44 paintings have been carefully chosen to showcase his ability to capture the essence of everyday existence and the graceful movements of the human form. From tender portrayals of domestic scenes to mesmerizing depictions of ballet dancers in motion and tranquil studies of bathers, experience the profound emotional depth and evocative storytelling that define Degas's oeuvre. With cutting-edge technology, every nuanced expression and delicate gesture is faithfully reproduced, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Degas's artistry. Transform any space into a sanctuary of artistic inspiration, where Degas's masterpieces serve as windows into the human experience and sources of contemplation and wonder.

Featured artworks include:
After the Bath
After the Bath 2
Ballerina Rosa
Cafe Concert at Les Ambassadeurs
Dancer 2
Dancer at the Barre
Dancer in Her Dressing Room
Dancer Resting
Dancers at the Barre
Dancers in the Wings
Dancers, Pink and Green
Exiting the Bath
Four Dancers on Stage
Four Jockeys
In a Café
La Toilette
Mary Cassatt
Portrait of Elena Carafa
Preparation for Class
Seated Dancer
Singer with a Glove
Study for The Dance Lesson
Swaying Dancer
The Cafe Concert (The Song of the Dog)
The Dance Class
The Dance Class 2
The Dance Lesson
The Ironer
The Orchestra at the Opera
The Star
The Star 2
The Tub
Two Dancers
Woman Having Her Hair Combed
Woman in a Tub
Woman Ironing
Woman Reading
Young Woman Dressing Herself

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